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Random the style of HNB

Death to all of those who oppose the great wall of china for it is there to make people go oh my god as i masturbate, while watching 80's porn on a tv this side of the mississippi!!! Who DARES to touch the Flagulent powers of my buttox on a wednesday night as i am Costipated from the Taco Bell i had the night before, and as i contemplate the fact the everyone who breathes oxygen has a 37.52 percent of getting cancer, making me seem like an immortal to them for i am the almighty one who has seen the future, and will not die to the falling lima beans of doom!!!! MINDLESS DEMONS OF CALCUTA HAVE SEEN ME!!!!! i must go hide from the beast with the one head, that bleeds for three to seven days in the month, for every 3rd word you say will offend her, forcing her to open her demonic jaws and lash out at you with such words to make you wish you were down at the old pub instead!!!

thank you and have a nice day ^.^
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