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NNY WILL WATCH YOU [entries|friends|calendar]

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[27 Sep 2005|11:36pm]

Name: Alex (Sasha)
Age: 21
Gender: I'm not sure yet
top 5 favorite bands: Lake of tears, Marillion, Smashing Pumpkins, DVAR, In Extremo (and many-many others, yesss)
top 5 favorites movies: The Fight Club, Willow, Natural born Killers, Edward-scissorhands, the Brave Heart.
do you like JTHM or SQUEE: I do not 'like', I ADORE JtHM!
if you could label yourself what would it be: 'Nny. Hee hee! Wheee!
dear die-ary

Random Commenting....in the style of HNB [19 Oct 2004|07:47pm]

[ mood | Psycotic ]

Death to all of those who oppose the great wall of china for it is there to make people go oh my god as i masturbate, while watching 80's porn on a tv this side of the mississippi!!! Who DARES to touch the Flagulent powers of my buttox on a wednesday night as i am Costipated from the Taco Bell i had the night before, and as i contemplate the fact the everyone who breathes oxygen has a 37.52 percent of getting cancer, making me seem like an immortal to them for i am the almighty one who has seen the future, and will not die to the falling lima beans of doom!!!! MINDLESS DEMONS OF CALCUTA HAVE SEEN ME!!!!! i must go hide from the beast with the one head, that bleeds for three to seven days in the month, for every 3rd word you say will offend her, forcing her to open her demonic jaws and lash out at you with such words to make you wish you were down at the old pub instead!!!

thank you and have a nice day ^.^

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Monkey [19 Oct 2004|07:31pm]

[ mood | devious ]

Name:The Tru p0ncho, AKA Kyle
top 5 favorite bands: MSI, NiN, Queen (yes...Freddy Mercury Queen), KMFDM, Celldweller
top 5 favorites movies:
Seven Samurai
Kill Bill
13th Warrior
Princess Bride
do you like JTHM or SQUEE: JTHM
if you could label yourself what would it be: the kid sitting next to the quiet kid in the corner, telling him to shoot up the school...

dear die-ary

Don't Bother Angel [19 Oct 2004|05:16pm]

[ mood | Empty ]

Name:Jd (Gale) Rexford King
top 5 favorite bands:APC, NIN, Hidden In Plain View, Senses Fail, Boys Night Out
top 5 favorites movies:
Seven Samurai
Donnie Darko
Nightmare Before Christmas
Princess Bride
Alladin(Soft spot for Disney)
do you like JTHM or SQUEE: JTHM is much cooler than Squee, but Squee is charming none the less
if you could label yourself what would it be:Just waiting for the inevitable day when I'll be left alone, and then it's off the massacre for me

dear die-ary

[18 Oct 2004|08:52pm]
So what is everyone going to be for halloween??
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[04 Oct 2004|12:43pm]

[ mood | amused ]

hehehe i love JTHM goodness i read the book twice and now im on squees book im happy cause i really want my squee shirt and i wanna wear my nny shirt but nooo heheh

dear die-ary

[26 Sep 2004|11:20am]

[ mood | geeky ]

i just got done reading my directors cut of JTHM and i never knew in like the first coulpe issues it was called JTSM the s is for suicidal werid

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[26 Sep 2004|12:06am]
Hi. My name is Silvana.i just joined. I see you just made this community and i LOVE LOVE LOVE JTHM!!!!! how i actually found this was looking for communities with Garden State intrests and i really like the intrests here. ummmm Dark_meth, u look really cool. it was a cool idia to make this community. i read ur last entry in your livejournal, i hope u dont mind. and we're the same age and i have the same intrests and stuff.. and yeah i don't have much more to say. here is the thing i need to fill out
a perfect circle, tool, nine inch nails
garden state, ghost world, donnie darko, napolian dynomite, life as a house, THERE ARE SOO MANYYY GOOD MOVIES!!!
hmmm i dunno what i'd lable myself to be...
nny rocks!!!
for now :)
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Welcome [22 Sep 2004|09:24pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

Welcome to this community

im vicki im ur guide

join please

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